Bolted Joints

Bolted Joints and Fasteners

This section of the website focuses on the key characteristics of bolted joints and their design. The section is divided into the following sub-topics:

The Basics of Bolted Joints A discussion of the basic characteristics and geometric properties of bolts and bolt threads, and their standardisation in accordance with the International Standards Organisation (ISO).
Bolt Strength / Strength of Fasteners A discussion of the factors affecting the strength of individual bolts and a presentation of verified methods for determining the capacity of bolts under various failure modes.
Connection Types (Categories) A thorough presentation of the three different types of bolted connection: bearing-type shear connections; slip-critical (slip resistant) shear connections and tension-type connections.
Bolt Tightening Methods A discussion of the different methods for achieving bolt tension.
Bolt Locking Devices A discussion of the different methods and devices available for ensuring that bolts do not loosen over time.
Re-Use of Bolts / Fasteners A discussion of the re-use of bolts.
Bolted Joint Design A thorough presentation of the design and analysis methods for dealing with joints under various loading configurations.


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